New Big Project!

Something New coming to the Shop!

For the last few months, I have been working on one of my biggest projects yet-I've designed my own ball-jointed doll!

Image of a 3D modeled ball jointed doll in grayscale.

Image of a 3D modeled ball jointed doll in grayscale.

Image of a 3D modeled ball jointed doll in grayscale positioned from the back.

Since January, I have been planning out, 3D sculpting, and 3D printing my own bjd! I've named the sculpt "Nina". It's been my passion to make a wide variety of dolls in different and unique ways, from felted dolls to customs, it was just a logical step to try out making a bjd! 

Once I had the design of Nina (somewhat) finalized, I invested in a 3D printer, the Elegoo Mars Pro. 

Image of an Elegoo Mars Pro, a 3D printer with a red tinted case and a blue LCD screen.

Soon came the long days and nights of printing out parts. I've had dozens of fails and misprints and overall portion problems. I'd went through several bottles of resin just to print one doll!

Image of 3D printed bust pieces in the color bright reddish brown. There are 4 of them in 4 different sizes. The first one is the biggest, the second one is the second biggest but was not formed correctly the third is the smallest, and the fourth is the second smallest.

Some of the aforementioned fails and misprints. 

But I preserved and eventually got results that i was satisfated with. 

3D printed ball jointed doll in the color beige sitting in a table covered with a soft, pink, fluffy fabric.

3D printed ball jointed doll in the color beige, kneeling with one hand toward the face and the other towards the lap. The doll is positioned on a table covered in a soft, pink, fluffy fabric.

I was at the point where i was satisfied with how the doll came out, so I set to work doing a face up. 

3D printed doll, Nina, standing with a handmade wig on, made out of black wool yarn and braided into braids. Her eyes are dark brown and wide. She is positioned where her legs are facing in, with her feet facing out. She has one hand in her hair and the other hand resting on her chest.

3D printed doll, Nina, is standing. She is positioned with one leg firm on the surface and the other slightly bent at the knee. Both hands cover her chest as they overlap each other.

 And I gotta say, I'm proud of the results! I still have to blush the rest off the body and do some hot glue suedeing, but for right now I'm pretty happy with her!

I'm so happy I've decided to pursue this. Sure there have been rough patches (Nina's first body "exploded" because the walls of her body were too thin") but the overall experience had been very rewarding. I can't wait for you guys to see her fully completed and to see what I have in stored for the shop next! 

Blog with you soon! 

Fluff Punk <3

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